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Seminar Handouts
  • Q&A Handbook
    "Copyright and Digital Resources in Education Q&A"
    A link to the website of the Kyushu University Institutional Repository. In this handbook, Prof. Motofumi Yoshida, the vice president of Kyushu University Library explains copyright and digital resources in education.(2nd Edition, 2014.3)
  • CLR Guideline Open (PDF 857KB)
    Kyushu University is a member of the CLR (Consortium for Learning Resources); CLR produced the guideline handbook "Use of Copyrighted Works and Copyright in University Learning Resources".
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Sample Documents
  • Copyright Permission Request Form (Sample) Download (Word 39.5KB)
    Please refer to this document when using another person's work and you require permission from the copyright holder.
  • Videotaping Agreement (Sample) Download (Word 69KB)
    Please refer to this document when making an agreement with a guest speaker and/or participants in a videotape and/or broadcast.
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